Voter Registration

New Partnership with Community Health Vote

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The National HCH Council is partnering with Community Health Vote to promote voter registration and engagement activities at HCH projects. The Community Health Vote website contains a Health Center Voter Registration Toolkit that can be downloaded as well as voter registration guides for all 50 states and answers to frequently asked questions about voter registration in the states. Additional tools such as text message alerts, assistance maintaining a database of interested staff and consumers and personalized TA are also available. Please use these resources and integrate voter registration into the day-to-day activities at your project. Please contact Matt Warfield for any questions about this effort.

You Don’t Need a Home to Vote!

An essential aspect of the National HCH Council’s mission is empowerment. Persons experiencing homelessness have been disempowered in many ways, including at the ballot box. It is consistent with our roles as service providers and advocates to encourage and facilitate voter registration, education, and engagement. It is entirely legal and in fact encouraged in law for nonprofits to register historically disenfanchised groups.

Please view additional resources from the National HCH Council and other partner organizations below to learn more about staff and consumer-led voter registration efforts.

Additional Resources: