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Please use this form to enter any new or alternative information.  Determine if our records are outdated by finding your organization in our online directory. If you have any questions, please contact Krista Myatt at 615-226-2292 or kmyatt@nhchc.org. 

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    SUBCONTRACTORS & SUB-RECIPIENTS According to PIN 99-08, a SUB-RECIPIENT is “an entity (not an individual contractor) that receives a grant or a contract from a deemed health center to provide the full range of health services on behalf of the deemed health center and only for those services under the scope of the project.” A sub-recipient must also be identified as a part of the health center’s approved scope of project. All other organizations that provide individual services, such as lab tests, dental care, or pharmacy and physician services that do not fall under the definition of a sub-recipient can be considered a SUBCONTRACTOR.