Subject Matter Experts

The Subject Matter Expert and the Technical Assistance and Training Program

Through the Technical Assistance & Training program, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council provides information and resources on services targeted to the homeless population to HCH grantees and other programs that provide health or social services to individuals experiencing homelessness. As with all health centers that receive funding under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act, HCH grantees are obligated to provide comprehensive care and services and achieve specified performance measures and outcomes. The National HCH Council offers technical assistance through site visits, face-to-face or online meetings, telephone conversations, or email to support communities in developing initiatives in HCH while addressing the needs of individual HCH grantees dealing with specific performance issues.

The Council’s training service includes the provision of information on more broad topics in the field and is typically developed for a larger audience. Though trainings may be delivered in the same ways as technical assistance (TA), trainings often do require more of the SME’s time. Trainings may even be delivered as day-long events onsite, face-to-face meetings online, webinars, or even as a scheduled event or presentation at one of our conferences. On a national scale, the Council provides training and technical assistance on a variety of topics, including the interpretation of HRSA regulations, with the help of its staff, members, committees, and subject matter experts (SME).

For more information on becoming a subject matter expert, please contact Director of Education Caroline Gumpenberger at