Neurobiology of Addiction

Target Audience

This learning activity is designed for health professionals and other interested parties who need to understand the neurological effects of addictive substances and treatments. The course is designed to help learners understand and apply information about the neurobiology of addiction to patients experiencing homelessness.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this training, participants should be able to:

  • Complete self measurement of knowledge before taking Neurobiology of Addiction online course
  • Describe and discuss the five “Cs” of addiction
  • Relate the five C’s to patients experiencing homelessness
  • Describe and discuss the process of the reward circuits
  • Describe and discuss the impact of drugs of abuse/misuse on human neurology
  • Describe and discuss factors affecting addiction potential
  • Describe and discuss effects of specific pharmacological and behavioral interventions for addicted patients
  • Relate factors affecting addiction potential and effects of interventions to patients experiencing homelessness
  • Complete self-measurement of knowledge after completing the Neurobiology of Addiction online course

To Take the Course

  • Go to the course.
  • Follow the instructions and proceed through the course. Work at your own pace. You can return to the course anytime to complete the modules.

Please contact Caroline Gumpenberger,, if you have any technical difficulties or questions about the course.