Training & Technical Assistance

Expand Your HCH Knowledge Base

  • The National Health Care for the Homeless Council provides high-quality, evidence-supported learning opportunities to promote best practices in homeless healthcare.
  • The Council’s approach to teaching and learning is to identify and build on the strengths of the people who work in the homeless healthcare field, and who have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and expertise.
  • The Council’s Learning Opportunities reflect what has been learned through practice and research in the field of homeless healthcare, and staff works to organize and consolidate this information for delivery to learners in a coherent and accessible format.

Although our primary audience consists of people who work in the homeless health care field (including all clinicians, administrators, support staff, volunteers, and advisory group or board members), many of the learning opportunities and resources are also relevant and valuable for those who work with homeless people in other organizations, as well as for general education of the public at large.

The NHCHC provides training and technical assistance (TA) to Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) Grantees and other organizations through a Cooperative Agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration. The Council serves over 200 HCH projects nationwide that provide integrated health care services to over one million people who are experiencing homelessness, and the Council promotes the HCH Approach to health care delivery in all of its resources and the provision of assistance to HCH grantees.

For more information about the training and technical assistance we offer and to request training or TA for your organization, please follow the links below:

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