Standing Committees



Administrators Committee

Chair – Heidi Nelson
Vice Chair – Ted Amann
Staff Person – John Lozier
Addresses administrative issues related to HCH grantees and other health centers


Education Committee

Chair – Brandon Cook
Vice Chair – Ralph Barbosa
Staff Person – Victoria Raschke
Develops and oversees Technical Assistance and Training Program


Finance and Personnel Committee

Chair – Francis Afram-Gyening
Vice Chair – Dana Gamble
Staff Person – Marita Rice
Develops annual budget, monitors expenditures, authorizes personnel policies


Membership & Development Committee

Chair – Barbara Conanan
Vice Chair – Jenn Hyvonen
Staff Person – Wade Munday
Oversees growth of the organization


Planning Committee

Chair – Kristy Chambers
Vice Chair – Jenny Metzler
Staff Person – John Lozier, Michael Durham
Plans Governing Membership meetings and develops and monitors strategic plan, including Cooperative Agreement with HRSA


Policy Committee

Chair – Kevin Lindamood
Vice Chair – BJ Iacino
Staff Person – Dan Rabbitt, Barbara DiPietro
Develops public policy positions and coordinates advocacy on public policy issues


Research Committee

Chair – Barb Wismer
Vice Chair – Travis Baggett
Staff Person – Molly MeinbresseDarlene Jenkins
Conducts and promotes research involving HCH projects and to improve policy and practice