Joanne Guarino: Member at Large

Joanne is a formerly homeless woman who credits Boston Health Care for the Homeless with restoring her sense of self-worth after decades of illness, addiction, and mistreatment off and on the streets. She is a speaker, a counselor, a supporter and a true champion. Joanne joined the Consumer Advisory Board and its subcommittee over ten years ago, and is currently the CAB Chair and sits on the Board of Directors. Joanne has also represented consumers on the National HCH Council’s Respite Care Providers Network Steering Committee. Joanne’s most recent pride and joy was working to develop the “Housing Guide” for newly housed patients to help share skills, tools, and tips to manage the independent life in their apartment and have a successful housing experience. Joanne is single-minded in advocating for access to quality care to those that we serve. She is always thoughtful and a staunch activist for our patients.