The principal office of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council is in Nashville, Tennessee. Staff and contractors pursue our ambitious agenda in research, training, education, organizing and advocacy from offices in various locations. Staff members include:

Bobby Watts

Bobby Watts, MPH, MS, CPH

Chief Executive Officer

G. Robert (“Bobby”) Watts is the chief executive officer of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council and oversees all aspects of the Council’s activity in advocacy, training, technical assistance, research, peer support, organizing, and fund development.

A nationally recognized advocate and leader in meeting the health needs of people without homes, Watts has more than 25 years of … More →

Darlene Jenkins, DrPH

Senior Director of Programs

Darlene oversees the work of the Education and Research Teams.… More →

Jean Bain

Bookkeeper & Payroll Specialist

Jean Bain is responsible for handling all of the fundamental aspects of the Council’s financial record-keeping activities. She manages our accounts payable and accounts receivable and assists with financial reporting and budgeting.… More →

Lauryn Berner, MSW, MPH

Project Manager

Lauryn Berner leads a collaborative effort with the Corporation with Supportive Housing aimed at increasing the knowledge base, skill set, and resources of Health Center staff engaged in supportive housing initiatives. As part of this work, she reaches out to health centers to identify promising practices and areas of need and collaborates on written materials, webinars, business development, and technical More →

Alaina Boyer, PhD

Director of Research

Alaina provides oversight and guidance for the Research activities of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council which includes quality improvement projects and providing educational resources for health care clinics that serve individuals experiencing homelessness. She coordinates and facilitates the Research Committee and Practice Based Research Network initiatives which are currently focused on improving health outcomes and providing quality … More →

Rick Brown, MA

Communications Manager

Rick Brown is responsible for developing and coordinating the Council’s ongoing communications strategy and initiatives. He manages the Council’s website, outgoing communications and newsletters, and social media efforts. He is responsible for Council News, an e-publication highlighting resources and announcements from the NHCHC, as well as the Council’s digital storytelling initiatives.… More →

Polly Bullock, BS

Executive Manager

Polly provides administrative support and assistance to Council staff and members.  She is responsible for the performance of the day-to-day office operations and related responsibilities.… More →

Lily Catalano, BA

Project Manager

Lily Catalano coordinates the work of the Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network and develops resources to improve access to and quality of health care for people experiencing homelessness.… More →

Katherine Cavanaugh, MSW

Consumer Advocate

Katherine staffs the National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB), helps to coordinate consumer initiatives, and further develops Council relationships with local consumer advisory boards (CABs).More →

Alyssa Curtis, MS

Training Manager

As part of the Education Team, Alyssa plans, implements, and evaluates regional trainings and our annual national conference. Through various data collection processes, she ensures the content presented at these trainings is reflective of the educational needs of the Health Care for the Homeless community.… More →

Barbara DiPietro, PhD

Senior Director of Policy

Barbara DiPietro directs the policy and advocacy activities for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council. This includes conducting policy analysis, providing educational materials and presentations to a broad range of policymakers and other stakeholders, coordinating the Council’s policy priorities with national partners, and organizing staff assistance to the Policy Committee and the National Consumer Advisory Board.… More →

Jennifer Dix, BBA

Communications Assistant

Jenn provides assistance with the Council’s marketing and branding efforts. This includes supporting effective communication strategies via email communications, newsletters, marketing materials, website content, and social media.… More →

Julia Dobbins, MSW

Project Manager

Julia Dobbins is the staff liaison to the Respite Care Providers’ Network and is the editor of its quarterly publication, Respite News. She also coordinates the Council’s work on medical respite care.… More →

D. Michael Durham, MTS

Technical Assistance Manager

Michael manages the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Council’s Technical Assistance (TA) program to respond to the specific needs of health centers and other homeless services agencies. He also staffs the Council’s Administrators Committee.… More →

Caroline Gumpenberger, MPH

Director of Education

Caroline leads the Education Team, which oversees the Technical Assistance and Training program of the Council. She also develops and coordinates evaluations for all Council educational activities to ensure that the organization is meeting the needs of the Health Care for the Homeless community.… More →

Juli Hishida, MS

Project Manager

Juli collaborates with national partners and subject-matter experts in the field to develop educational resources on various administrative and behavioral health topics relevant to homeless health care. Recent and upcoming projects address youth homelessness, trauma-informed framework, behavioral health integration, patient satisfaction, and enabling services.… More →

Bethany Hill

Social Work Intern

Bethany Hill is interning at the National HCH Council for the 2017-2018 academic year. Pursuing her master’s degree in social work at the University of Tennessee, Bethany works closely with Project Manager Julia Dobbins and the Respite Care Providers’ Network on medical respite care-related projects.

If you are interested in interning with the NHCHC, please contact Marita Rice.… More →

Cindy Manginelli, BS

TennCare Shelter Enrollment Project Coordinator

Cindy Manginelli coordinates the Council’s TennCare Shelter Enrollment Project which seeks to ensure that homeless children in Tennessee have the opportunity to receive health insurance and have access to consistent medical care. To this end, she meets with families in shelters across the state, facilitates trainings for school and shelter staff, provides resources to workers and consumers regarding TennCare and … More →

Krista Myatt

Krista Myatt, MMN

Database & Membership Manager

Krista Myatt manages the Council databases, including data entry, maintenance, and generation of reports.  She is responsible for registration duties for all conferences, regional trainings, and special events.  Krista also coordinates the membership program, including recruitment and retention efforts.  She assists member organizations in maximizing available opportunities and benefits.… More →

Brett W. Poe

Brett W. Poe, BS

Research Associate

Brett works with Dr. Alaina Boyer on the Research team to support the Health Care for the Homeless field by developing and disseminating knowledge, increasing visibility of HCH-related research through publications and external collaborations, and providing data-driven support to inter-departmental teams and workgroups.… More →

Regina Reed

Regina Reed, MPH

National Health Policy Organizer

Regina Reed is responsible for representing the interests of the Council in Washington, D.C., working with the Policy Committee to advance the Council’s advocacy agenda, developing policy positions and analyses, and mobilizing member organizations, service providers, and other advocates for the amelioration of poverty and homelessness.… More →

Marita Rice, MA

Senior Director of Administration

Marita is responsible for oversight of all the financial and administrative functions of the Council and staffs the Finance & Personnel Committee.… More →

Hannah Sadler, BA

Education Team Assistant

Hannah manages the administrative tasks for the Education team relating to education, training, and technical assistance.… More →