Services Provided to Shelters By The TennCare Shelter Enrollment Project

How can the TennCare Shelter Enrollment Project

serve your shelter staff and residents?


  • Resident Trainings: we can come to your shelter on a quarterly basis and conduct a 1 hour training for your clients that covers the basics of healthcare for children who are homeless:
    • Benefits of TennCare
    • How and why of regular screenings
    • Finding a primary care provider vs. emergency department use
    • Using your insurance card
    • The unique mental and physical health needs of children who are living in a shelter
    • The importance of keeping mom and dad healthy


  • Staff Trainings: we can meet with your staff, at your facility, to provide information and updates on TennCare, health care in community living settings, communicable disease control, community resources, and managing the health of children in shelter


  • Regional Trainings: we offer annual trainings in your area to bring to the table staff from nearby shelters to discuss the health needs of children who are living in shelters


  • Enrollment Events: if you have individuals or families in your program who are not enrolled in Tenncare, we can come to your facility and assist clients in the process of enrolling in TennCare or the Marketplaces


  • Mobile Health Screenings: we can bring mobile health services to your shelter and conduct medical screenings for your pediatric and adolescent clients


  • Troubleshooting: if you have a question about TennCare, feel free to call or email anytime! We are here to assist you with the healthcare needs of your clients!


For more information or to utilize services, email Cindy Manginelli at