NCAB Leadership

NCAB Steering Committee

Consisting of seven NCAB members, the Steering Committee is responsible for organizing the consumers of Health Care for the Homeless so that they have a voice in national issues involving the health care of homeless persons. To accomplish this work, the committee meets monthly by teleconference and twice annually in-person; once in October at the Council headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, and once at the National Health Care for the Homeless Conference.

Joseph Benson

Chair - Houston, TX

Joseph worked for 12 years as a spokesperson for the organization that helped him recover. He served on the Executive Board of Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston for 8 years and has been chair of the Houston CAB 9 years. Joseph works for Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston as a Community Health Worker.

Tina Hayes

Co-Chair - Atlanta, GA

As a member of St. Joseph Mercy Care’s Client Advisory Committee for 7 years and now Chair, Tina is an advocate for Medicaid Expansion and other policies that increase access to health care for individuals experiencing homelessness. In her spare time, she volunteers as a cook at an Atlanta shelter. Tina also helps lead several NCAB activities, like the CPO survey and consumer governance focus groups.

Rodney Dawkins

Co-Chair - Chicago, IL

Rodney is an advocate who engages in human rights work for several causes. He has served NCAB for two years, currently as co-chair. Rodney is passionate about serving on his local CAB and serves on several local committees. Among other things, Rodney seeks to promote the link between work on CABs and employment skills development.

Valarie Dowell

Secretary - Cincinnati, OH

Valarie currently works for the Hamilton County Office of Reentry in Cincinnati, Ohio, partnering with local law enforcement to provide basic needs and remove barriers from those who are formerly incarcerated. Valarie previously worked as a patient navigator at Cincinnati Health Network for nine years and has devoted her life to serving the less fortunate.

Derek Winbush

Member-At-Large - Boston, MA

Derek has been member of the Boston HCH Program CAB for 13 years, several times as Chair. He has been a Board of Directors member for 3 years. Derek has presented workshops at conferences and trainings. He is proud to have presented the Ellen Dailey award at the 2013 National HCH Conference and to serve on the NCAB Steering Committee.

Philip Malebranche

Member-At-Large - New York, NY

Philip is a CAB member at Care for the Homeless, in New York City. He is a writer and an advocate who has a seasonal maintenance job at the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Philip is proud to contribute his long-time passion for human rights to homelessness issues at the Council at a time when such discussion in public affairs is especially needed.

Marian Bacon

Member-at-Large - Memphis, TN

Marian is a founding member of HOPE (Homeless Organizing for Power and Equality), which is a group of formerly and present individuals who are experiencing homelessness in the community, who advocate for change in all areas of city and county government. Marian is a strong advocate for those with disabilities who experience homelessness and has used her experience of homelessness in order to help obtain funding for housing in the Memphis area.

Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives are a relatively new position, with a focus on reaching out to consumers in their regions and communicating about the work of NCAB and the Council. They are also expected to attend conference calls and contribute to the work of NCAB. Attendance at the National Conference is needed but is not required for the October meetings in Nashville.

Regions 1 & 2:
Kendall Clark
Regions 3 & 4:
James Crawford, Jr.
Regions 5 & 7:
Regions 6 & 8:
Kristin Leve
Regions 9 & 10:
Willie Joe Mackey

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In Memoriam

Ellen Dailey, mother of the HCH Consumer movement, died on June 18. 2006. Her advocacy for justice continues. Read remembrances of Ellen from around the country.