National Consumer Advisory Board

What Is NCAB?

The National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB) is made up of homeless and formerly homeless persons who have been clients of Health Care for the Homeless projects across the country and who are involved in the governance of those HCH projects. NCAB is a standing committee of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, and NCAB’s elected Chairperson sits on the National Council’s Board of Directors.

We are also interested in learning more about your consumer advisory board’s expertise and needs so NCAB can help further develop guidance and technical assistance for those wishing to advance consumer involvement in governance and CAB development.  Please direct any technical assistance requests to our TA Request Form.


To be the vehicle for consumers of Health Care for the Homeless projects to become a collaborative voice on national issues. We hold central the priority of assisting consumers in the development of bylaws and/or guidelines for local CABs and serving as a clearinghouse for information and assistance to consumers.

Join Us

Homeless and formerly homeless persons who have received services from an HCH project are encouraged to become members of the National Consumer Advisory Board. NCAB members are Individual Members of the National Council, and NCAB’s elected Steering Committee is a Standing Committee of the National Council. No dues are required to be part of NCAB’s membership. To join NCAB, please apply online or print, fill out and mail the NCAB Brochure.