Need Help Now?

Are you homeless? If so, you are not alone. Resources are available to help you with shelter, health care and other needs. Read more.


Consumer Engagement in Governance 

Consumers have a unique space in governance and advocacy as they can provide their real life experience to guide policy and practices at health centers and in the larger community.  As Health Centers are required to involve consumers in governance, it is important to consider how to best maximize this input and spaces for consumer input.


National Consumer Advisory Board

The National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB) is made up of homeless and formerly homeless persons who have been clients of Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) projects across the country. The mission of NCAB is to be the vehicle for consumers of Health Care for the Homeless projects to become a collaborative voice on national issues. NCAB holds central the priority of assisting consumers in the development of local CABs and serving as a clearinghouse for information and assistance to consumers. NCAB is a standing committee of the National HCH Council. Read more.


Resources for Consumers