Workplace Safety

Workplace violence is any act of physical assault or threatening or violent behavior, including harassment, intimidation, threats, or disruptive acts happening at the work site whether its location is temporary or permanent. We compiled the resources linked to this page to help health care for the homeless projects develop programs, policies, and work practices aimed at maintaining a safe working environment. Specialized training can prepare staff to anticipate, recognize, and effectively respond to conflict and potential violence.

Workplace Violence: Prevention & Intervention Guidelines for Homeless Services Providers (2011) | Updated in 2011, this document provides examples of policies, procedures and protocols from six homeless health care projects with practical information for creating a safer environment for consumers and staff in Health Care for the Homeless Projects. It is an expanded and enhanced version of the 1996 document Sample Safety Guidelines in Homeless Health Services. The guidelines discuss measures for identifying risk factors for violence, roles in prevention and protection, responding to violent incidents, and safety practices for outreach workers.

Healing Hands Newsletter

  • Workplace Violence: What You Need to Know (2010) | We offer this Healing Hands issue to the cause of overcoming all violence, with deep gratitude for those who face danger every day, yet bravely and lovingly choose to continue to help their neighbors heal.

Ask the Expert

  • Safety in the Workplace (2005) | Clinicians from the homeless health care field respond to questions about safety in the workplace.