Medical Ethics

Medical Care for Homeless Individuals

This issue of Virtual Mentor, the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, examines the medical and ethical challenges faced by physicians committed to helping a disparate community of people whose health problems are exacerbated by their homelessness. Topics addressed include treating the mentally ill; hospital resources; end-of-life care; emergency care and patient dumping; diagnosing and treating schizophrenia; and medical students’ attitudes toward homeless patients. Contributors include many members of the HCH Clinicians’ Network. January 2009, Volume 11, Number 1:1-98 | | © 2009 American Medical Association

Ask the Expert

“Ask the Expert” is a service of the HCH Clinicians’ Network intended to be a resource for clinicians working with homeless people. In this column, our expert John Song, MD, MPH, MAT, answers Network members’ questions about ethical solutions to challenging and uncertain situations. 2004.

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