State Medicaid Expansion Advocacy

Resources for States Not Yet Committed to Medicaid Expansion

The June 2012 Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act upheld the law, but effectively made the Medicaid expansion optional. The importance of Medicaid expansion for HCH projects and those we serve cannot be overstated. The Affordable Care Act’s key benefit for the lowest income individuals in our communities is lost if states do not opt for expansion since individuals below the poverty level are not eligible for subsidized coverage in the Health Insurance Exchanges.

As of June 2015, 28 states and the District of Columbia have expanded Medicaid, leaving 21 states without a health insurance option for the poor. The arguments in favor of Medicaid expansion are compelling, but it will take public pressure and dedicated advocacy to convince officials in these states to expand Medicaid. The HCH community should be part of these efforts. Use the documents below to further your advocacy efforts.

National HCH Council Resources

National Analyses and Research

National Advocacy Tools

Cost Analysis Considerations

State Specific Resources