Policy & Advocacy

Integration of service and advocacy is the hallmark of health care for the homeless. The principles of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council encourage homeless service providers and their clients to engage in advocacy to prevent and end homelessness. The National HCH Council strives to accomplish this goal by educating public policy makers, mainstream health care providers, and the general public about the causes and consequences of homelessness in the United States and by working at national, state, and local levels to ensure the following:

  • Securing Universal Access to Health Care
  • Affordable Housing Regardless of Income
  • Livable Wages for Persons able to Work
  • An End to the Criminalization of Poverty and Homelessness
  • Public Support for Persons with Disabilities
  • Strong and Effective Safety Net Programs Until Universal Solutions are Implemented

A Word about Funding

The National HCH Council is dependent on private contributions to carry out the bulk of its policy and advocacy work; your gift would be most appreciated to allow the Council to continue this mission. Most of the NHCHC policy and advocacy resources accessed from this page were not developed with government funding.