PhotoVoice Learning Collaborative

Health centers providing services to people experiencing homelessness have tremendous potential to directly affect and influence numerous underlying societal inequities that contribute to health disparities of underserved populations. Last year, the National HCH Council’s PhotoVoice Learning Collaborative was established to address the issue of stigma of homelessness in their respective communities. This is a three-year project with eight health centers that will include both national and local exhibits to increase awareness and knowledge, and provide an opportunity to share local participants’ stories.



Consumers recruited through the participating health centers document their lived experiences through PhotoVoice, a research methodology that puts cameras directly in the hands of participants. Six of the eight health centers in the Learning Collaborative submitted photographs to this exhibit. Participants were asked, “What do you want people to know about your experience?” Participants had complete control over their content and stories submitted to answer that question and how they chose to be identified.