NCAB Steering Committee

2017-2018 Steering Committee

Art Rios Sr.: Chair

- Portland, OR

Art Rios Sr. believes that a change is needed and that if we use our voices together we can achieve this change together, and for the last 20 years he has been using this drive to advocate for people experiencing homelessness. He has been on the Health Services Advisory Council (HSAC) at Central City Concern for several years and has been the Chair since October 2014.  As HSAC Chair, Art is also a member of the Central City Concern Board of Directors and was recently appointed to the board for our local “plan to end homelessness” efforts, the Home for Everyone Coordinating Board.  He believes that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and ensures that he listens to what is needed.

Terrye Sukari Finley: Co-Chair

- Los Angeles, CA

Terrye Sukari Finley has always been committed to encouraging human rights awareness in the community.  Beginning at an early age the need for jobs, decent housing, adequate medical care, food, clothing, and representation has been a great concern for her. She learned first-hand how to advocate for herself and now is driven to share information with people about how to understand policies and ensure the policies work for them. She believes it is important to engage in lobbying to aid change and regulate policies that are more beneficial for the underserved and correct the social imbalance. Since 2012 she has been putting this passion to use representing consumers on the Los Angeles Christian Health Center (LACHC) Board of Directors.

Deidre Young: Co-Chair

- Houston, TX

Deidre has been a local advocate for people experiencing homelessness in Houston for the past 6 years including as a member of the CAB at both Search and Health Care for the Homeless Houston. She is also a certified Community Health Worker.

Valarie Dowell: Peer Advocate

- Cincinnati, OH

Valarie Dowell has been strong advocate and front line worker for people experiencing homelessness for over 13 years. She believes her personal experiences of being homeless and in recovery enables her to serve the homeless population with compassion, understanding and empathy. She was one of the first consumers to become a Community Health Worker as a front line worker and will received her BA in Health and Human Services in May, 2015. She is currently a contract worker with the Hamilton County Office of Reentry making sure that individuals returning from prison and local jails into the community have their basic needs are met; and works closely with the Cincinnati Consumer Advisory Board by sharing information about the National Consumer Advisory Board.

Joanne Guarino: Member at Large

- Boston, MA

Joanne is a formerly homeless woman who credits Boston Health Care for the Homeless with restoring her sense of self-worth after decades of illness, addiction, and mistreatment off and on the streets. She is a speaker, a counselor, a supporter and a true champion. Joanne joined the Consumer Advisory Board and its subcommittee over ten years ago, and is currently the CAB Chair and sits on the Board of Directors. Joanne has also represented consumers on the National HCH Council's Respite Care Providers Network Steering Committee. Joanne’s most recent pride and joy was working to develop the “Housing Guide” for newly housed patients to help share skills, tools, and tips to manage the independent life in their apartment and have a successful housing experience. Joanne is single-minded in advocating for access to quality care to those that we serve. She is always thoughtful and a staunch activist for our patients.


Carmon Ryals: Member at Large

- Albuquerque, NM

Carmon states that helping people has always been a part of her and she does that through advocacy, listening, and providing support for people. Carmon has been a member of Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless’ Client Leadership Committee for 10 years (where she is currently the chair), and has served on the Board of Directors for 4 years. She is a lead trainer for Building Bridges with Law Enforcement and sits on the Community Policing Board to build a better relationship between police officers and the homeless community.

Derek Winbush: Regional Representative 1&2

Co-Chair - Boston, MA

Derek has been member of the Boston HCH Program CAB for 13 years, several times as Chair. He has been a Board of Directors member for 3 years. Derek has presented workshops at conferences and trainings. He is proud to have presented the Ellen Dailey award at the 2013 National HCH Conference and to serve on the NCAB Steering Committee.

David Peery: Regional Representative 3 & 4

- Miami, FL

David Peery is passionately seeking an end to homelessness throughout Florida while advocating for homeless rights; and David knows a thing or two about rights, as David holds a law degree. When David experienced homelessness, he was led to Camillus Health Concern where he became a member of the struggling CAB and attempted to regain the consumer voice in governance, focusing on educating and empowering consumers to take control of their health care. In his deep commitment to advocacy he is a class representative in a federal class action lawsuit that establishes the rights of people experiencing homelessness in Miami, and works to combat the criminalization of homelessness.

Keith Belton: Regional Representative 5 & 7

- Chicago, IL

Keith Belton had a thirty year career in janitorial services, yet after some personal challenges and a traumatic accident, Keith began a 12 year experience with homelessness. Keith has sat on the CAB at Heartland Health Outreach since 2013 and also currently sits on the Board of Directors. He works tirelessly to distribute information about HHO’s programs anywhere that people experiencing homelessness are found throughout Chicago. Keith would use that same drive and determination to help the NCAB succeed in their objectives, as well as contributing new ideas and energy to something he is extremely passionate about. His nominator says he is diligent, proactive and compassionate; and that his ability to establish a trusting relationships with consumers and staff is possible by his kind and humble spirit.

Oliver Coleman: Regional Representative 6&8

- New Orleans, LA

Oliver is a member of his local CAB at Health Care for the Homeless New Orleans, where he currently serves as co-chair. He has been doing this work for 4 years, but has been a longtime volunteer with local community based organizations focusing on how to live and be well.

Paul Tunison: Regional Representative 9&10

- Menlo Park, CA

Paul believes that he is a strong advocate because of his struggle with substance abuse and homelessness for 25 years, his professional experience working with similar issues, and his genuine empathy for marginalized populations. He currently serves as a consumer advocate on the Health Care for the Homeless Advisory Board at the San Mateo County Medical Center. Paul has completed his Family Development Credential and Human Services Certificate at Cañada College; yet while his training and education has progressed, he believes his primary assets are his innate cultural competency abilities. Over the past several years he has established himself as a well-received agent for social services in low-income communities and has successfully developed productive relationships with community representatives.


Rodney Dawkins: Immediate Past Chair

- Chicago, IL

Rodney is an advocate who engages in human rights work for several causes, as well as a community health worker. He has previously served NCAB as a regional representative, member-at large and co-chair. Among other things, Rodney seeks to promote the link between work on CABs and employment skills development.

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