In-depth Advice: Technical Assistance

Are you a Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) grantee, another type of federal health center program, or prospective grantee that needs assistance with implementing, operating or administering a federal health center program? You can ask for help here!

The Council has Technical Assistance (TA) providers available to help. Based on the information you provide, Council TA staff will determine the type and level of assistance available to you. In-depth technical assistance involves recurrent communication with TA providers, possible site visits, and/or longer-term assistance that enables your organization to build skills, knowledge and capacity for operating Health Care for the Homeless services and programs.

For basic policy and technical questions regarding HCH programs, please use this form instead.

When submitting a request for technical assistance, be prepared to provide:

  1. A detailed description of what you need help with;
  2. A description of why you need help;
  3. An explanation of what the help will allow you to accomplish;
  4. List the primary point of contact for this request (name, email, phone) if different than person submitting the request;
  5. If the request is for training, please use this form.

Please note: If the request is not clear or specific, you will be contacted by Council staff for additional information. This could delay the review of the request as well as delivery of technical assistance. If a response or the requested information is not received by Council staff within two weeks, the request will be closed.

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