Avenue 360 Health & Wellness


Rebranded as Avenue 360 Health & Wellness in 2016, Houston Area Community Services, Inc. (HACS) is a Federally Qualified Health Center founded in 1997 in the City of Houston, Harris County, Texas. HACS’ mission is to provide high quality and caring service to promote healthy people and communities. With 3 health centers in Houston, HACS is accredited by the Joint … More →

Bee Busy Wellness Center


Member of the Council badgeBee Busy Wellness Center is a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center with a mission to provide culturally appropriate healthcare services that promote improved health, and quality of life, for families and individuals.

Bee Busy Wellness Center’s mission is to provide increased access to Quality, Comprehensive Primary and Preventive Medical, Dental and Mental/Behavioral Health Care, addressing disparities among underserved communities, individuals and … More →

Centro San Vicente Homeless Clinic

El Paso

The homeless continum of care center addresses the problem of homelessness in El Paso, Texas.It also has a dual purpose. The first purpose is to address costs associated with the provision of health care services by supporting the premises of the City of El Paso's priorities relative to health and homelessness, most notably through the financial leveraging of federal, state and private resources that help advance the City of El Paso's 10 year strategic plan towards ending chronic homelessness.

Community Health Center of Lubbock, Inc.


The Community Health Center of Lubbock (CHCL) has been a Health Care for the Homeless grantee since 1994. CHCL provides comprehensive health care and social services to individuals who are homeless in Lubbock. This is accomplished through a network of collaborating agencies and other health care providers.



Member of the Council badgeCommUnityCare operates a multi-site HCH project that provides comprehensive services in Travis County. The project’s various sites, modes of service delivery, and community partnerships target services to three distinct subpopulations: single adults, unaccompanied youth, and women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The project is managed and operated as part of the CommUnityCare system.… More →

Dallas County Hospital District – Homeless Outreach Medical Services (HOMES)


Member of the Council badgeHomeless Outreach Medical Services (HOMES), a program of Dallas County Hospital District (dba Parkland Health & Hospital System), uses a combination of fixed and mobile clinic sites to bring health care to individuals who are homeless. The clinics operate on a walk-in basis. Individuals of all ages receive high quality, comprehensive primary health care services, including acute, chronic, and preventive … More →

El Centro del Barrio d/b/a CentroMed

San Antonio

Member of the Council badgeCentroMed, formerly El Centro Del Barrio, operates eight HCH clinics within or adjacent to homeless shelters. The clinics provide homeless individuals and families with primary health care, dental, social services, child development services, substance abuse counseling, health educational group sessions, and referrals as needed to other Continuum of Care agencies. Street outreach and collaborative health fairs also make services available … More →

Harris Health System—Health Care for the Homeless Program


Member of the Council badgeHarris Health Care System—Health Care for the Homeless Program overcomes obstacles faced by persons experiencing homelessness by providing patient-centered health care utilizing a service delivery model that provides health care clinics in homeless shelters and other sites where the homeless congregate to meet basic survival needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and employment. Currently, the HCHP provides health care, mental … More →

Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston


Member of the Council badgeHealthcare for the Homeless – Houston (HHH) provides care in shelters, transitional living programs, soup kitchens, and on the streets. A consortium of 31 social service agencies, educational institutions, homeless/formerly homeless consumers, public agencies, and health care providers form the HHH Advisory Council.… More →

Heart of Texas Community Health Center, Inc.


Member of the Council badgeHeart of Texas Community Health Center, known locally as “Waco Family Health Center”, has been providing primary healthcare services to the vulnerable of McLennan County, TX since 1970. It became a Section 330(e) community health center in 1999. Its Health Care for the Homeless site, Meyer Center Community Clinic, opened in 2017.… More →

Project Vida Health Center

El Paso

Project Vida begins with the understanding that communities, like people, are living organisms. Children and adults, businesses and schools, churches and public systems interact to form an identity and a lifestyle. Project Vida takes seriously the life of the community and the individual as a whole.

Project Vida is located in the center of El Paso, three blocks north of … More →

Regence Health Network, Inc. – Tyler Street Resource Center


HCH services are provided by Regence Health Network (RHN), an integrated network of Federally Qualified Health Centers, providing primary health, dental, and behavioral services throughout the South Plains and Panhandle of Texas. The homeless clinic is co-located at the Amarillo United Way Resource Center in Amarillo.