Chattanooga Hamilton County Health Department


Member of the Council badgeThe Homeless Health Care Project of Chattanooga Hamilton County Health Department provides services at a stationary clinic, as well as through outreach to homeless citizens living in the Chattanooga area.… More →

Cherokee Health Systems


Member of the Council badgeThe clinic located at 538 W. Fifth Avenue, or 5th Avenue Clinic, was established to educate and improve the health of the homeless, primarily in the Knoxville area, by eliminating barriers and increasing access to health care services regardless of insurance or ability to pay. The 5th Avenue Clinic provides direct, integrated primary care, preventive care, behavioral health care and … More →

Christ Community Health Services, Inc.


Operation Outreach is a program, provided in part by Christ Community Health Services(CCHS)and Baptist Memorial Health Care, that exists to meet the health care needs of homeless individuals in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee.… More →

East Tennessee State University College of Nursing

Johnson City

The HCH project is part of a health center system that includes Johnson City Downtown Clinic and Hancock County School Based Health Centers. These centers serve Washington and Hancock counties, respectively. Services are provided with a nurse-managed model of care, using skills of advanced practice nurses and stressing holistic health care for individuals at all stages of life.

Memphis Health Center, Inc. – Health Care for the Homeless


In 1987, Memphis Health Center (MHC) responded to the health care access needs of the growing number of individuals who were homeless in Memphis. In collaboration with the Salvation Army and several other community based support organizations, MHC began to provide a comprehensive array of medical and support services to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Neighborhood Health


The Downtown Clinic located in central Nashville provides a full range of medical, dental, and behavioral health services for those experiencing homelessness. The Clinic is part of the network of Neighborhood Health¬†clinics, which include community and mobile clinics.… More →

Tri-State Community Health Center


Tri State Community Health Center will provide comprehensive medical services and behavior health services to the residents in and around Shelby County.  Our goal is to reach those residents who are seeking a new medical home and those who are in need of a health provider who will address their medical needs and concerns.

We currently staff a variety of … More →