Affinia Healthcare

St. Louis

Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Centers has been providing care to underserved communities since 1906. Since 1987, Grace Hill has administered the HCH program.

Northwest Health Services

St Joseph

Buchanan County has nearly 86,000 residents, with almost 74,000 residing in the city of St. Joseph. Buchanan County social services agencies and school documented nearly 1,200 homeless persons in the past year, a combination of approximately 150 chronic homeless and 1,050 temporarily homeless.

Swope Health Services

Kansas City

Swope Health Services’ Health Care for the Homeless Program, located in Swope Health Services, a community health center and behavioral health center, provides primary health care and support services – outreach, case management, outpatient, drug and alcohol services, counseling, medication, and dental for individuals who are homeless. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supportive service grants enable the … More →