Visualize Homelessness

The Visualize Homelessness series features a variety of topics affecting people experiencing homelessness and is intended to bring awareness to the many challenges and barriers faced by people without homes. These images are available for use in educational materials, public awareness campaigns, on social media, and wherever applicable in your work in health care or homelessness.

New images will be added periodically, and we encourage you to share these graphics on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms using the hashtag #VisualizeHomelessness. Contact Jennifer Dix with questions or comments.

Available Graphics


Topic Source Material and Resources

Adapting Your Practice: Treatment & Recommendations for Patients Who Are Homeless with Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus Resources

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Responding to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Tools & Resources for HCH Staff

Trauma Resources

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In Focus: Aging and Housing Instability: Homelessness Among Older and Elderly Adults

Elderly Resources

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Clinicians’ Coffee Chats: Encampments

Homeless Encampments Resources

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HCH Value


Demonstrating Value: Measuring the Impact of the Health Care for the Homeless Grantees

HCH Day Resources

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Hepatitis C

Healing Hands: Hepatitis C Update

San Diego Hepatitis A Outbreak: An HCH Health Center’s Involvement in Disaster Response

Hepatitis Resources

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HPMD Public Statement and Advocacy Agenda

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Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: How the Opioid Crisis Affects Homeless Populations

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Prenatal Care

Healing Hands: Decreasing Unintended Pregnancy among Women Experiencing Homelessness

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Racial and Ethnic Bias Resources

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Social Determinants
of Health
Social Determinants of Health: Predictors of Health among People without Homes

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Suicide and Homelessness: Data Trends in Suicide and Mental Health among Homeless Populations

Mental Illness Resources

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Research Alert: Homelessness Increases Vulnerability to Violence

Trauma Resources

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Healing Hands: Exposure-Related Conditions: Symptoms and Prevention Strategies

Heat-related Conditions Resources

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In Focus: Behavioral Health among Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Children, Youth, and Families Resources

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