Standing Committees 2018-2019

The standing committees of the Board are principally responsible for steering the Council’s programs and priorities on behalf of the Governing Membership. Participation on these committees is the best way to connect with your colleagues from around the country remotely, gleaning from their expertise and offering your own unique insight. Most committees meet once per month via conference call.
Committee participation is open to all Individual Members and staff of Organizational Members. Contact Krista Myatt to learn more.


Chair – Heidi Nelson
Vice Chair – Trish Grand
Staff Person – Michael Durham 
Addresses administrative issues related to HCH grantees and other health centers

Advancement (formerly Membership & Development) 

Chair – Maureen Neal
Vice Chair – Tamisha McPherson
Staff Person – Rick Brown
Guides membership, development, and communications functions of the Council


Chair – Brooks Ann McKinney
Vice Chair – Rodney Dawkins
Staff Person – Caroline Gumpenberger
Guides and oversees Technical Assistance and Training Program

Finance and Personnel

Chair – Dana Gamble
Staff Person – Marita Rice
Develops annual budget, monitors expenditures, authorizes personnel policies


Chair –  David Modersbach
Staff Person – Regina Reed
Recommends public policy positions and coordinates advocacy on public policy issues


Chair – Nilesh Kalyanaraman
Vice Chair – Travis Baggett
Staff Person – Alaina Boyer
Conducts and promotes research involving HCH projects and to improve policy and practice

Bylaws of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council (revised 2013)

Form 990