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Through the Council’s Technical Assistance program our staff can respond to questions and requests for all needs and topics. The columns below will help you determine what type of assistance to request.

If you would like to contact TA staff directly, please send an email to

General questions from clinicians, administrators, media, students/faculty, and others.

Do you have a question about Health Care for the Homeless programs? Are you looking for a specific publication or resource on our website?

Council staff and TA consultants provide answers to basic questions and direct grantees to the most relevant online resources, such as publications, webinars, or other trainings.

Questions are generally answered within two business days. However, some questions must be referred to an administrative or clinical subject matter experts and will take longer to address.

Ask a Question

Do you need in-depth advice on implementing a service or program?

Agencies that need in-depth advice and assistance with implementing, operating, or administrating a health care for the homeless service or program can ask for help here.

Based on the information provided, Council TA staff will determine the type and level of assistance available to you.

This type of assistance is more involved than basic HCH program questions or search for resources. It involves recurrent communication with TA providers, possible site visits, and/or longer-term assistance that enables your organization to build skills, knowledge, and capacity for operating Health Care for the Homeless programs and services.

Get in-depth advice

Homeless Services Near You

Are you homeless? If so, you are not alone. This year, as many as two million different people will find themselves without a regular place to stay. Resources are available to help you with shelter, health care and other needs. This section may also serve clinicians addressing individual consumers’ needs.

Find Your Local Healthcare for the Homeless Program

Shelters & other homeless services

Find a Health Center Tool

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