N.E.W. Community Clinic

North East Wisconsin (N.E.W.) Community Clinic provides health care services to individuals and families who are homeless in the Brown County area.


Primary health care, case management, and outreach for substance abuse and mental health are provided in five area shelters and Salvation Army by a health care team which rotates among the six service sites. N.E.W. Community Clinic also operates a free clinic with volunteer physicians for persons who are uninsured to augment the health care services that are provided in the shelters. Referrals are made for dental care and outpatient AODA/mental health counseling. Cooperative agreements exist with local hospitals, physicians, family planning agencies, and others.


N.E.W. Community Clinic is a member of Brown County Task Force on Homelessness and maintains affiliations with many local task forces and councils.


Estimated homeless population: 2,900

Patients served: 1,000


Foundation Health & Wellness

1061 W. Mason St. Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 437-8256 
(920) 438-2580