Community Health Center, Inc.- Wherever You Are- Heath Care for the Homeless

“Wherever you are” is a health care for the homeless team that goes to where clients are located in New Britain, Meriden, Middletown and Wallingford in three key location types: homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and street locations. The team includes mobile medical, dental, mental health/psychiatric, and substance abuse/eligibility servicesthe Wherever You Are team works on-site at various access points in Middletown, New Britain, and Meriden on a regular basis to ensure that their clients receive the care they need. By bringing care providers to soup kitchens, shelters, and the streets, the WYA staff makes every effort to reach and treat the homeless in these communities. The Healthcare for the Homeless Program also aims to provide its clients with respectful, comprehensive, individualized treatments that will be accessible and affordable, thereby helping to reduce healthcare disparities among the homeless and improve quality of life.

CHC is building a world class primary health care system, that is committed to caring for special populations, and that is focused on improving health outcomes for our patients as well as building healthy communities.
Of all of the vulnerable and special populations within CHC, Inc., persons who do not have a stable housing situation or even just a roof over their heads face enormous difficulties. While working with coalitions and communities to end homelessness, CHC, Inc. also devotes special attention to health care for this population. Since January of 2006, CHC, Inc.’s “Wherever You Are”-Health Care for the Homeless Program with a team of health care professionals has been providing comprehensive high quality primary health care services in New Britain, Meriden, Middletown and Wallingford.


24 hour emergency on-call, Asthma treatment, Behavioral/Mental Health Care Services, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Cancer Screening, Case Management/Social Services, Child Development Services, Chronic Bronchitis/Emphysema, Contraceptives (issued w/counseling), Dental/oral Care, Diabetes Testing/Care, Documenting Disability Services, Electronic Medical Records, Family Planning, Flu Vaccinations, Health/Nutritional Education, HIV/AIDS screening/education, Immunizations, Interpretation services, Labs, Medication Prescribing, Medication Dispensing, Mental Health Counseling, OB/GYN, Outreach, Pediatrics, Physical Exams, Primary Health Care, Referrals for Specialty Care, STD Testing, TB screening/education, Well Child Check-ups


Community Health Center has linkages to New Horizons Domestic Violence Program, Prudence Crandall Domestic Violence Program, Crysalis Domestic Violence shelter, Eddy Homeless Shelter, Shepherd Home Transitional Homeless Shelter, Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, Friendship Service Center of New Britain, Inc., and Master's Manna Resource Center.


Estimated homeless population: 6,172

Patients served: 1,366