Care for the Homeless

Member of the Council badgeCare for the Homeless was originally funded in 1985 by the National Health Care for the Homeless Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Pew Memorial Trust.

To reduce barriers that homeless people face in accessing care, Care for the Homeless coordinates health care at 30 service sites where homeless people congregate and without regard to their ability to pay. Our service sites include shelters for single adults, family shelters, soup kitchens, drop-in centers, SROs, and a street outreach program to the mentally ill in four of New York City’s five boroughs.


24 hour emergency on-call, Asthma treatment, Basic Needs, Behavioral/Mental Health Care Services, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Cancer Screening, Case Management/Social Services, Contraceptives (issued w/counseling), Dental/oral Care, Diabetes Testing/Care, Electronic Medical Records, Flu Vaccinations, Health/Nutritional Education, HIV/AIDS screening/education, Housing placement, Immunizations, Interpretation services, Labs, Medication Prescribing, Medication Dispensing, Mental Health Counseling, OB/GYN, Outreach, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Physical Exams, Primary Health Care, Referrals for Specialty Care, Shelter outreach, STD Testing, Street Outreach, Substance Abuse Treatment, TB screening/education, Tobacco cessation, Transportation Services, Urgent Care, Well Child Check-ups


The program links clients with a variety of services including specialty care, substance abuse treatment, harm reduction, detox, mental health services, dental services, HIV/AIDS services, women's health, and inpatient services.


Estimated homeless population: 113,553

Patients served: 9,298


Institute for Family Health 

16 East 16th Street New York, NY 10003 
Elisa Wallman
(212) 633-0800 x1263
(212) 627-2958

Montefiore Family Health Center

360 East 193rd Street Bronx, NY 10458 
James Porsella
(718) 405-4067 
(718) 405-4148