Aunt Martha’s Health and Outreach Center

Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center, through the Health and Outreach Center, provides comprehensive primary health care and ancillary services to persons who are homeless in Kane County. The Health and Outreach Center targets the cities of Aurora and Elgin. Aunt Martha’s, along with its partners, uses a mobile health team to provide services at organizations serving homeless persons, as well as clinic-based services.


Aunt Martha's Mobile Health Team provides shelter-based services at five local organizations in Aurora. These services are provided by a social worker, family practitioner, two medical assistants, and support staff. Additionally, Aunt Martha's provides primary health care, case management, and ancillary services at a clinic site devoted to serving individuals who are homeless in and around Aurora. Oral health care is provided by Community Health Partnership, with referral and linkage to area providers for substance abuse, mental health, and social services. Greater Elgin Family Care provides services through their Mobile Health Team for Elgin-area persons. Primary health care, oral health care, ancillary services, and case management are also provided by Greater Elgin Family Care Center at their Health Center. Referral and linkage to Elgin-based providers are made for substance abuse, mental health, and social services.


Aunt Martha's has linkages to Mutual Ground, Salvation Army, PADS/Hessed House, Community Counseling Center, Wayside Cross, Kane County Health Department, Open Door Clinic, and Rainbow Clinic.


Estimated homeless population: 12,840

Patients served: 566


Community Health Partnership

203 North Wabash Chicago, IL 60601
James Lauchlin
(312) 795-0000
(312) 795-0002

Greater Elgin Family Care Center

370 Summit Street Elgin, IL 60120
Jaeson Fournier
(847) 608-1344
(847) 608-4767