Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center

The Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center’s (ANHC) mission is to provide high quality medical, dental, and health-related services, serving the needs of all members of the community, regardless of socio-economic status.


Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, behavioral health specialists, dentists, nurses, and case managers provide primary, dental, and behavioral health care. In addition, they perform outreach, provide case management and health education, and coordinate referrals. Routine services include well child, preventive care, immunizations, acute illness care, dental care, substance abuse screening, brief behavioral health assessments, and referral for substance abuse and mental illness. Patients have 24-hour access to care via the on-call physician staff.


The project collaborates with several shelters: Brother Francis Shelter and Anchorage Rescue Mission (single adults); Clare House and Abused Women's Aid in Crisis Shelter (women and children); McKinnell Shelter (men and children or families); Adult Rehabilitation Program (adult males with chemical dependency); Anchorage Community Mental Health Center (single adults with mental illness). Additional substance abuse treatment is provided by Clitheroe Center. Following treatment, individuals are referred to a transitional care unit which serves as a halfway house. Following transitional care, individuals may reside at one of a few options for transitional, low-cost, alcohol and drug-free living. Mental illness treatment is referred to the Anchorage Community Mental Health Center, offering sliding fee services. Specialty dental services are referred to local area dentists.


Estimated homeless population: 4-9,000

Patients served: 1,428


Geneva Woods Pharmacy

1200 Airport Heights Dr. Anchorage, AK 99508
D'Lynn Wynne
(907) 297-1111