Motivational Interviewing: An Overview with Application for Outreach for the HCH setting

An overview of the concepts of motivational interviewing from a practitioner specializing in dual-diagnosis, this webinar will also include practical application of motivational interviewing in outreach to persons experiencing homelessness.

Kevin Kelley, LFMT; Clinical Director, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles; Los Angeless
John Petroskas, BA, JD; Outreach Worker, Catholic Charities; Minneapolis

http://www.nhchc.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/MI.mp4Podcast: Play in new window | … More


Planning for HCH Day Activities

This webinar offers tips and strategies for planning HCH Day events during Health Center Week in August. While activities for HCH Day 2011 are discussed, this material can apply to HCH Day event possibilities for any given year.

Amy Grassette, Chair, National Consumer Advisory Board Chair
Katy Valesky, MSSW; Consumer Advocate, National Healthcare for the Homeless Council… More


Steps to NCQA Recognition for Patient-Centered Medical Home

This webinar will review the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) 2011 Standards as well as the eligibility and application process, scoring guidelines, and the relationship between Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services’ (CMS) Meaningful Use Requirements and the 2011 Standards. The presenter will also provide information and resources on Regional Extension Centers (REC) and Health … More


Strategies for Local and National Advocacy

This webinar contains information to help participants learn strategies for engaging in advocacy at the local level and in Washington, D.C., without adding significant burdens to the limited time and resources available to health care for the homeless grantees. Conscious economic and policy decisions over the last 30 years have contributed tremendously to contemporary homelessness. Advocacy in support of new … More


Introduction to Community Health Worker Programs

The webinar will explore the role of a community health worker (CHW) and how a CHW program can be applied in the homeless health care setting. The session will also provide an overview of the Homelessness 101 program and its relevance to the advocacy role of a community health worker.

Matt Leber, Community Organizer and Co-founder; Nashville Homeless … More


Health Care for the Homeless Models of Integrated Care

This webinar will focus on the models of integrated care that three health care for the homeless projects have adopted in order to better serve homeless populations. Homeless populations are much more likely to have complex, multiple occurring disorders that include chronic, somatic conditions coupled with mental health and/or substance use disorders. Traditional models of care often separate primary care … More


The FQHC HCH/PH Application Process

In developing New Access Points, integration of care is critical—and challenging—both internally and at the community level. In this webinar, you will learn from the experience of one community mental health organization that has planned and applied for Health Center funding to more comprehensively meet the needs of its community. They will share their challenges and processes in completing an … More


Patient Centered Medical Home: Introduction to the Concept

This webinar includes

a brief review of the patient-centered medical home concept and history;
the reasoning behind one HCH’s plans to prioritize seeking PCMH recognition now; and
a discussion of the early challenges and foreseeable hurdles to recognition for HCH programs.


Heidi Nelson, MHSA; CEO, Duffy Health Center; Hyannis, Massachusetts
Joslyn Strupp Allen, Director of Government Grants and Special … More

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