Board of Directors 2018-2019

Frances Isbell (PRESIDENT)
Executive Director
Health Care for the Homeless Houston
Houston, TX

Assistant Deputy Director, Primary Care and Family Health Division
Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health
Santa Barbara, CA

Executive Director
Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless
Albuquerque, NM

Amy Sparks (SECRETARY)
Director of Homeless Services & Behavioral Health
Alabama Regional Medical Services (ARMS)
Birmingham, AL

Brandon Cook (TREASURER)
Health Care for the Homeless Program Manager
New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc.
Greer, SC

Joseph Benson
Community Health Worker
Health Care for the Homeless Houston
Houston, TX

Jeff Foreman
Director of Policy & Advocacy
Care for the Homeless
New York, NY

Jessie Gaeta
Medical Director
Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Boston, MA

Paul Gregerson
Chief Medical Officer
John Wesley Community Health Institute Inc
Los Angeles, CA

Joanne Guarino
Board of Directors Member
Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Boston, MA

Rhonda Hauff
Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services
Yakima, WA

Nilesh Kalyanaraman
Chief Medical Officer
Health Care for the Homeless Inc.
Baltimore, MD

Julie Kozminski
Policy & Planning Analyst
Unity Health Care, Inc.
Washington, D.C.

Brooks Ann McKinney
Director of Vulnerable Populations
Mission Health & Hospitals
Asheville, NC

Tamisha McPherson
Chief Program Officer
Upper Room AIDS Ministry (URAM)/Harlem United
New York, NY

David Modersbach
Grants Manager
Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless Program
San Leandro, CA

Gregory Morris
Executive Director
Ascending to Health Respite Care Inc
Colorado Springs, CO

Maureen Neal
Chief Operating Officer, Advancement
The Daily Planet Health Care for the Homeless
Richmond, VA

Heidi Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
Duffy Health Center
Hyannis, MA

Annie Nicol
Director of Homeless Services
Petaluma Health Center
Petaluma, CA

David Peery
Board of Directors Member
Camillus Health Concern, Inc.
Miami, FL

Art Rios, Sr.
CAB Member, Health Services Advisory Council Member
Central City Concern
Portland, OR

Danielle Robertshaw
Senior Medical Director, HCMC Community Connections Care Ring
Hennepin County Health Care for the Homeless
Minneapolis, MN

Martin Sabol
Director of Health Services
Nasson Health Care, YCCAC
Sanford, ME

Jonathan Santos-Ramos
Director, Community Engagement & Strategic Initiatives
Callen-Lorde Community Health Center
New York, NY

Linda Son-Stone
Chief Executive Officer
First Nations Community HealthSource
Albuquerque, NM

Edward Stellon
Executive Director, Heartland Health Outreach
Heartland Alliance
Chicago, IL

Mollie Sullivan
Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Psychological Services
Mercy Medical Center Health Care for the Homeless Program
Springfield, MA

Lisa Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Denver, CO

Lawanda Williams
Director of Housing Services
Health Care for the Homeless, Inc.
Baltimore, MD