Be an HCH Advcoate

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The Council will soon be launching a policy and advocacy blog that will feature posts from Council staff, Council members, and guests from throughout our community of partners. This new blog will launch in early August of 2016 and will provide you with up-to-date policy analysis, calls to action, detailing of advocacy efforts happening on Capitol Hill, and resources and other materials that are important to the HCH community. In addition, the Council  will be launching a new and improved Mobilizer, providing more resources, analysis, and information in a more accessible format. If you are not already a member of the Council, join today  to gain access to all of our advocacy resources.

I am an HCH Advocate

HCH Advocate Statement of Principles

I am an HCH Advocate and I believe:

  1. Homelessness is unacceptable and is a product of conscious social and economic policy decisions;

  2. Every person has the right to adequate food, housing, clothing, and health care;

  3. All people have the right to participate in the decisions affecting their lives;

  4. The struggle to end homelessness and alleviate its consequences takes many forms, including efforts to ensure adequate housing, health care, and access to meaningful work.

I stand for policies that seek to:

  1. Secure universal health care access for all;

  2. Ensure affordable housing regardless of income;

  3. Mandate livable wages for persons able to work;

  4. Bring an end to the criminalization of poverty and homelessness;

  5. Dismantle barriers to care, overcome stigma and discrimination, and increase access to needed supportive services;

  6. Ensure a strong and effective safety net until universal solutions are implemented. 

Be an HCH Advocate and join the Council as an Organizational or Individual member. As a member you will have access to all of the Council’s advocacy and policy resources, including The Mobilizer and a policy and advocacy blog that the Council will be launching in early July of 2016.

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