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How to Partner With Your Local Housing Authority

Tuesday December 13, 2011
This webinar will focus on the barriers that public housing residents share with homeless individuals and the benefits of partnering with your local housing authority to surmount them. Alex Lehr O’Connell will also discuss HRSA’s Public Housing Primary Care Program.

Alex Lehr O’Connell, MPH, CPH; Manager, Technical Assistance and Consultation, Community Health Partners for Sustainability, … More

Memphis Regional Training

Join us on March 8 & 9, 2012 for a free regional training in Memphis, TN for individuals and organizations interested in providing care and compassion to people experiencing homelessness. This accredited training will feature professional development and networking opportunities in order to better serve the needs of providers of homeless health care and shelter services.

Clinical Recommendations for the Medical Respite Setting

The National HCH Council highlights the unique clinical work being offered in medical respite settings in this new publication. The recommendations focus on common admitting diagnoses from nine medical respite programs across the United States. Each diagnosis includes recommendations for assessment, management, prevention, and outcomes that can be used to determine discharge from the medical respite setting. Although this document … More

Patient Centered Medical Home Case Study featuring Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, a member of the Council, and a 330 funded HCH program will share their journey as the first Community Health Center in Washington State to achieve Level 3 NCQA Recognition - for our 8th Street CHC, as well as our Satellite HCH clinic - Neighborhood Connections.

Home Visiting Program for Underserved Families (for Administrators)

The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program is a federally funded initiative to provide educational, preventive and social services to at-risk families to foster positive parent child relationships that result in healthy outcomes for children. This webinar will teach administrators about a Home Visiting Program based in New Mexico and the resources necessary to run this type of program, including needs assessments, funding, community partnerships and staffing.

Wellness Podcast Series Launches

The National HCH Council launches its second podcast series Self-Care for HCH Providers. The first podcast in the series features suggestions for healthy eating for energy and focus in a busy day presented by Dr. Darlene Jenkins, Director of Research and Evaluation, National HCH Council, and Melissa DaSilva, Deputy Director, National HCH Council. Both are former community nutritionists. Dr. … More

New Publication

The National HCH Council releases a policy & practice brief entitled Clinical Challenges in Permanent Supportive Housing, which highlights issues faced by clinicians in the field in providing direct services and makes policy and practice recommendations to help strengthen this growing model of care.  The brief is also directed at administrators and policymakers so they may better understand these … More

Patient Centered Medical Home Case Study Featuring Mary Howard Health Center

This webinar is the third in a four-part series on Patient Centered Medical Home; recordings and presentations from previous webinars are available in the "Webinar Archives" section below. In this case study of Mary Howard, a nurse-managed health center, presenters will discuss the NCQA's PCMH standards and how they relate to an HCH grantee, the role of outreach staff and a Trans-disciplinary Team in securing level 3 PCMH certification, and resources to help in preparing for the PCMH evaluation.

HCH physician Dr. Jim Withers featured on CBS Evening News

As part of the Assignment America series, Dr. Jim Withers, Operation Safety Net, Pittsburgh, PA, was featured on the CBS Evening News on October 21, 2011. The segment highlights the work Dr. Withers and Operation Safety Net have done to reduce the number of people living on the streets by half since they began.… More

Addressing Key Preventive Health Measures in Health Care for the Homeless Settings

October 27, 2011
This webinar will highlight major components of the recommendations and clinician experiences from the field. The HCH Clinicians’ Network has developed Health Care Delivery Strategies: Addressing Key Preventive Health Measures in Homeless Health Care Settings (edited by Patricia Sergeant, MPH) to help clinicians prioritize preventive health measures during primary care visits.

Gregory Morris, PA-C; Director of … More

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