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Build Strategic Relationships in the Leadership PCI

Paul Leon, a nurse and front runner in community health care to vulnerable populations, will present at the National Health Care for the Homeless Conference pre-conference institute Leadership for Changing Times: Beyond Healthcare Reform. Leon will discuss his success in building networks, collaborative relationships, and community partnerships to finance community health care.
Paul Leon is the president & CEO of … More

HCH Goes to Washington: Legislative Visits during the 2013 National HCH Conference and Beyond

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
The National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium offers an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet with their congressional representation. This webinar will provide information on scheduling meetings, communicating with other conference attendees from their state who are interested in attending the meetings, and the suggested policy issues to be discussed. Additionally, grantee … More

Public Entity HCH Grantees and Co-Applicant Arrangements

Monday, February 4, 2013
This webinar was produced in response to a technical assistance request for public entity health care for the homeless grantees developing their co-applicant agreements. This webinar covers the nuts and bolts of the health center program requirements on governance, public entity/agency structure, and co-applicant arrangements. The webinar will also feature two health care for the homeless … More

New Research Update Focuses on Typology

The January issue of In Focus provides a synthesis of recent literature on the typologies of homelessness. Great variety exists across the current typologies, including the purposes for producing typologies, approaches for creating typological classifications, and intended utility of these typologies for improving theoretical understanding, clinical decision-making, and policy creation. Such distinctions will be addressed in this review of literature.… More

Council Responds to JAMA Homeless Mortality Report

The January 14 JAMA Internal Medicine report on the epidemic of overdose deaths among clients of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program points to critical issues of homelessness, health, and public policy.

Substance misuse is but one of the factors contributing to the 30 year disparity in life expectancy for homeless persons.[1] In this study, cancer and … More

A Structural Framework for Meaningful Use of EHR in the HCH Setting

Thursday, January 31, 2013
This webinar will highlight the key foundational elements identified by health care for the homeless grantees for successful implementation of meaningful use of electronic health records. HRSA will provide an update of the tools and resources available to support HCH grantees in health information technology and quality.

Anna M. Gard, FNP-BC; Health Disparities Consultant, Associations … More

Detroit Observes Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

National Consumer Advisory Board member Reginald Hamilton and Advantage Health Centers/Detroit Health Care for the Homeless observed the city’s 23rd Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day at Waller Health Center on Cathedral Green on December 21, 2012. Hamilton served on the Planning Committee and helped successfully market the event, which saw several community groups provided food, blankets, clothes, and hygiene kits.
Sheilah … More

Tailoring Outreach for the HCH Field

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Outreach is both a key component of the health care for the homeless model of care and a program requirement for 330(h) funded health centers. This webinar will review the National Outreach Guidelines for Special Populations which was developed in concert with input from several agencies working with a wide spectrum of populations, discuss outreach as … More

Fiscal Cliff Cuts Delayed but Advocacy Still Needed

Even though Congress has reached an agreement to avert much of the economic turmoil posed by the “fiscal cliff”, don’t put away your countdown clocks just yet. Many impending threats to homeless health care are still out there, including the sequester cuts set to go into effect March 1, the desire to cut low-income entitlements like Medicaid, and the possibility … More

Volunteers Needed for National Housing Inventory and Point-in-Time Counts

As the new year quickly approaches, Continuums of Care across the US are prepping for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual Housing Inventory and Point-in-Time counts.
During one night in the last 10 days of January, local planners and CoCs will conduct a one-night count of each city’s sheltered and unsheltered homeless populations. According to HUD, these “snapshot” … More