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Employment Support in the HCH Setting

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
This webinar will address several approaches HCH projects can take to support consumers in considering, looking for, obtaining and maintaining gainful employment. Unemployment and homelessness are very closely associated, but many individuals who are homeless are not only able but also eager to work. People who are homeless may already engage in temporary employment or under-the-table … More

New State Medicaid Expansion Advocacy Policy Brief and Resource Center

A new policy brief, Medicaid Expansion: Improving Health and Stability, Reducing Costs and Homelessness (January 2013), outlines the research and reasons why Medicaid expansion improves health and stability as well as reduces costs and homelessness. Many more documents can be found at our new State Medicaid Expansion Advocacy page.  For those in states that have not yet committed … More

Integrating Behavioral Health & Primary Care for People Experiencing Homelessness

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
This webinar will discuss how two health care for the homeless projects have implemented integrated behavioral health and primary care models and what factors have contributed to their successes. HCHs are increasingly witnessing the benefits of health care delivery models that integrate behavioral health and primary care services. Because of high rates of co-occurring mental health … More

NCAB Member Talks about Poverty in Chicago

When the Chicago Sun-Times wanted a first-hand account of an individual living in poverty, they looked to Chicago HCH project Heartland Health Alliance, and Heartland looked to Rodney Dawkins. A Member-at-Large of the National Consumer Advisory Board and a participant in Heartland’s Community Advisory Board, Dawkins had survived homelessness and agreed to tell his story to a Sun-Times reporter.
Lack … More

Discover a Vision for the Future in the Leadership PCI

Karen Batia and Kevin Lindamood will discuss leadership in action during the Leadership for Changing Times: Beyond Health Care Reform pre-conference institute at the 2013 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference. Batia and Lindamood will provide a vision for the future roles of HCH organizations and effective collaborations and will challenge participants to engage fully in all discussions about … More

Organization Spotlight

Health Care for the Homeless–Houston is one of 10 HCH projects partnering with the National Health Care for the Homeless Council on the project, “Community Health Workers and HCH: A Partnership to Promote Primary Care”.
Frances Isbell, M.A., Chief Executive Officer, and Kristina Arscott, LCSW, Director of Behavioral Health Services, have worked tirelessly to get this project up and running … More

Build Strategic Relationships in the Leadership PCI

Paul Leon, a nurse and front runner in community health care to vulnerable populations, will present at the National Health Care for the Homeless Conference pre-conference institute Leadership for Changing Times: Beyond Healthcare Reform. Leon will discuss his success in building networks, collaborative relationships, and community partnerships to finance community health care.
Paul Leon is the president & CEO of … More

HCH Goes to Washington: Legislative Visits during the 2013 National HCH Conference and Beyond

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
The National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium offers an excellent opportunity for attendees to meet with their congressional representation. This webinar will provide information on scheduling meetings, communicating with other conference attendees from their state who are interested in attending the meetings, and the suggested policy issues to be discussed. Additionally, grantee … More

Public Entity HCH Grantees and Co-Applicant Arrangements

Monday, February 4, 2013
This webinar was produced in response to a technical assistance request for public entity health care for the homeless grantees developing their co-applicant agreements. This webinar covers the nuts and bolts of the health center program requirements on governance, public entity/agency structure, and co-applicant arrangements. The webinar will also feature two health care for the homeless … More

New Research Update Focuses on Typology

The January issue of In Focus provides a synthesis of recent literature on the typologies of homelessness. Great variety exists across the current typologies, including the purposes for producing typologies, approaches for creating typological classifications, and intended utility of these typologies for improving theoretical understanding, clinical decision-making, and policy creation. Such distinctions will be addressed in this review of literature.… More