New Healing Hands: Shelter-Based Care for Homeless Populations

The Council’s latest Healing Hands examines Shelter-Based Care for Homeless Populations. Many people experiencing homelessness utilize emergency shelters or transitional housing programs. Conditions in shelters may be crowded and unsanitary and are not always conducive to optimal health practices. Living in these types of settings can exacerbate existing chronic or acute health conditions while exposing people without homes to potential new health risks. In addition, living in a shelter can be a traumatic experience and may create or compound mental health conditions.

This CME-accredited issue explores innovative shelter-based health care programs and highlights best practices and lessons learned for effective collaborations with shelter staff and providing person-centered, trauma-informed health care in a shelter.

Healing Hands is designed by homeless health care professionals for homeless health care professionals, particularly clinicians and support staff, across the U.S. This publication is designed to help learners understand and apply information about effective delivery of health care to patients without homes. CME credits are available for reading the issue and successfully completing the post-test.

Read the full issue, or view our Healing Hands archive.