Moving Forward in Our Mission: An Update on the Council’s Strategic Planning Process

As you may be aware, the Council is in the midst of a Strategic Planning process that will guide our efforts for the next few years. Many of you who attended our 2018 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium in May took advantage of the opportunity to meet in focus groups or individually with our strategic planning consultant from La Piana Consulting, the firm we’ve retained for this process.

The Council is extremely fortunate to have an informed, committed, and imaginative Strategic Planning Committee. The members were chosen for their knowledge of health care for people experiencing homelessness, their ability to think strategically, and their representativeness in terms of profession, lived experience of homelessness, geography, and experience with the Council. Some members without a long history with the Council were intentionally chosen so that we could benefit from their fresher experience. We also are fortunate that Jenny Metzler, Immediate Past President of the Council’s Board, will continue to serve as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee.


  • Kate Bennett, CEO, Cincinnati Health Network, Cincinnati, OH
  • Gary Cobb, Community Outreach Coordinator, Central City Concern, Portland, OR
  • Brandon Cook, Health Care for the Homeless Program Manager, New Horizon Family Health Services, Inc., Greer, SC
  • Dana Gamble, Assistant Deputy Director, Primary Care and Family Health Division, Santa Barbara County Department of Public Health, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Larry Gottlieb, Director, Homeless and Outreach Services, Eliot Community Human Services, Lexington, MA
  • Frances Isbell, CEO, Health Care for the Homeless – Houston, TX
  • Kevin Lindamood, President & CEO, Health Care for the Homeless, Baltimore, MD
  • Tim Mercer, Director of Global Health and Assistant Professor, Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Jenny Metzler, Executive Director, Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless, Albuquerque, NM
  • Jacob Moody, Chief Strategic Engagement Officer, San Francisco Community Health Center, San Francisco, CA
  • David Peery, NCAB Regional Representative 3&4, Camillus Health Concern, Miami, FL
  • Leslie Tallyn, Chief Clinical Operations Officer, Central City Concern, Portland, OR

The Strategic Planning Committee usually meets by phone, but it took advantage of the recent Conference to meet twice face-to-face. Over the summer, the Strategic Planning Committee will be hard at work determining the key Big Questions to be answered, and then determining how to get input from our key stakeholders—including you, so please be on the lookout for opportunities to help us prepare for the future of the Council. The culmination of the process will be a Strategic Plan that the Committee will present to the Board of Directors for its consideration.

In a rapidly changing environment, the ability of organizations to think strategically is at a premium. In order to not only be reactive but also to proactively shape that environment, we need strategic planning. Thank you for your past efforts and your future involvement in helping the Council fulfill its mission of eliminating homelessness.