The Aftermath of Disaster: Addressing Trauma with Mental Health First Aid

Presented by the National Health Care for the Homeless Council
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. CT

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Tragedy hits a community. An entire community, an encampment, or group of people experience an intense psychological trauma accompanied by loss of home, safety, or security. At a time when people need to figure out their future, their brains often struggle to regain safety and shift out of survival mode. In the moment HCH providers play a critical role in helping those in their community find physical and psychological safety and start to plan their recovery. In this webinar, we will explore how providers can utilize mental health first aid to help those traumatized by a disaster find resiliency and the ability to start rebuilding their lives.


  • Matt Bennett, MBA, MA, Speaker, Trainer, and Author of Connecting Paradigms, Denver, CO

Archived Webinar Video

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