Call for Steering Committee Nominations: Submissions Due Feb. 23

The National HCH Council is seeking Steering Committee nominations for its three membership groups: The HCH Clinicians’ Network, National Consumer Advisory Board, and Respite Care Providers’ Network. These groups are critical to our efforts to improve homeless health care and end homelessness.

The HCH Clinicians’ Network Steering Committee is open to any hands-on providers in any discipline and offers professional development opportunities, networking, and support to clinicians who provide care for people without homes.

The National Consumer Advisory Board is an excellent opportunity for people who are or have previously experienced homelessness who have been clients of HCH programs and are involved in the governance of those programs. NCAB serves as a vehicle for consumers of HCH programs to become a collaborative voice on national issues.

The Council’s Respite Care Providers’ Network helps guide the work of the Council as it relates to medical respite care. Nominees must be current RCPN members who have been members for at least one year.

Read more and submit nominations by Friday, February 23, 2018.