2018 HPMD TwitterChat

Join our Twitter chat on housing, health care, and human rights.

Tuesday, December 21st, 2 p.m. EST
(Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day)
Find us on Twitter @NatlHCHCouncil


Sample Tweets

  • Today we honor those who lost their lives without homes by fighting for a better future. We must invest in affordable housing and health care for ALL. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Housing is a fundamental need, as basic human right, and protects people from illness, violence and death. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Health care is a fundamental need, a basic human right, and protects people form illness, violence, and death. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Medical illnesses often go untreated for lack of accessible, affordable health care which results in accelerated death rates for those without homes. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • People experiencing homelessness die 30 years before their housed counterparts. Poverty is Violence. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Homelessness is a driver of poor health. Housing improves health. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Remember those who died without housing. Honor those who society has forgotten. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Homelessness is inhumane. No life should be lived or lost in homelessness. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • Remember those who have lost their lives and commit to addressing the root causes of homelessness. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • No person should die for a lack of housing. #NoMoreHomelessDeath
  • People without homes are more likely to experience fatal violence than their housed counterparts. #NoMoreHomelessDeath

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