Support the Council on May 3rd in the Big Payback!

The Big Payback has concluded! Yesterday, the National HCH Council took part in a day of giving and awareness with the Community Foundation of Middle TN. Through the generous support of our donors, we raised a significant sum to further our work. Thank you to everyone who gave, shared our posts, or told their friends about the event: your graciousness helps make our efforts to end homelessness possible.

The Big Payback has concluded. However, you can still support the Council through normal donations. Click below to proceed.

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Why Support the Council?

People who give want to see results, and as consumers, we are those results. As an individual who was homeless for 25 years and overcame addiction and homelessness, I’m a success. A lot of us who sit on the Council’s National Consumer Advisory Board right now are success stories.”

Paul Tunison
Case Manager
Life Moves, San Mateo County, CA
National Consumer Advisory Board Steering Committee Member

“It’s important to support the Council to promote change in ending homelessness and to be able to better serve people who are less fortunate. If it wasn’t for the Council, I wouldn’t be here today. I was able to receive services when I didn’t have a home, and the Council works to make services like that possible.”

Deidre Young
Consumer Advisory Board Member
Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston, TX
National Consumer Advisory Board Regional Representative (Regions 6&8)