New Study Brings Council’s HCIA2 Medical Respite Care Project Into Focus

New ResourceThe Lewin Group’s “National HCH Council: Improving Health through Housing”study illuminates the Council’s multiyear project to implement medical respite care for individuals without homes. Funded by a $2.67 million Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two (HCIA2) grant, the NHCHC’s medical respite care initiative—which supports participants with housing placement—currently operates at individual program sites in Arizona, Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington. Working with case managers in interdisciplinary care teams, each site’s program aims to develop and meet patient-centered health and housing goals. Now in its third year, the initiative has served over 1,000 participants, of whom 76 percent have been housed. As the study details, with each site exceeding its individual housing goals, the project demonstrates the critical value of medical respite care and its role in ending homelessness.

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