Remembering Robin Williams, Early Advocate for HCH and the National Council

robin williams tributeThe National Health Care for the Homeless Council notes with sadness the passing of Robin Williams, the sensitive and gifted performer who cared deeply about homelessness and who contributed generously to this organization. Along with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal, Williams co-hosted the Comic Relief telethons on HBO in the 1980’s and 1990’s, raising millions of dollars for the Council to put to work in HCH projects across the country.  We knew them well, and Robin, Billy, Whoopi, and a host of other comedians were a frequent presence at HCH sites and shelters, bringing hope and encouragement to people who might otherwise have been forgotten and neglected. The Comic Relief crew made its presence known in Washington as well, using their fame to push for for lasting legislative change.

The Council exists and our character is what it is because of the vision and generosity of performers like Robin Williams. The world is better for his having been here.

Video of Robin Williams’ testimony before the Sen. Ted Kennedy Committee on Homelessness in 1990.