2015 National HCH Conference & Policy Symposium Call for Proposals

Guidelines and Criteria for Review

Each review committee for the four tracks will use a tailored set of guidelines or criteria to evaluate proposals:

High Priority Workshop Topics

We encourage submissions related to advanced clinical topics; outreach and enrollment best practices; electronic health records (EHR) implementation; mobile medical units and street medicine teams; hands-on clinical practice guides; workforce and service capacity development; staff and provider recruitment and retention; quality improvement/quality assurance; integration of housing, healthcare and employment; coordination and referrals; collaborations; research on outcomes; translational research; consumer-lead presentations; implementation of health reform initiatives such as health home/PCMH/ACO models of care; Medicaid expansion and managed care lessons learned; medical respite care; social media; single payer; and effective/innovative advocacy approaches. We also seek topics related to youth and families. Suggestions by past conference attendees include: impact of homelessness on emotional development, mental health, chronic illness, and education in children; sheltering youth and families; nutrition and obesity; trauma-informed care; behavioral health care needs; and engaging youth and families. Consumer led and consumer informed workshops are a very important part of our national conference.

We strongly encourage the inclusion of consumers in the development of workshop proposals and as workshop presenters. Council staff and other Council members are available to mentor consumers who would like assistance in developing proposals. We encourage agencies to support the travel costs for consumer presenters whose workshops are accepted. Consumer presenters may also apply for a limited number of travel stipends, details to be announced. Please email Council staff for information about mentors.


The two-and-a-half-day conference consists of more than 70 workshops, which are 90-minute sessions that may include slideshow presentations, group exercises, and/or roundtable discussions focused on a particular topic. We strongly encourage presenters to look beyond the lecture/Q&A only format.

If you are submitting a research proposal, we are testing a new format option where instead of presenting research in a 90-minute session, there would be three, 30-minute sessions in the 90-minute block. This is only being offered for the research track.


Posters are an important part of the conference and offer a succinct view of programs and practices or research analysis. We ask those submitting a poster to include a PDF of the poster or an abstract in their submission.


The conference registration fee will be waived for up to two presenters for a workshop, or one for a poster presentation. Speaker fees and compensation for travel and accommodation are not available.

Submit Proposals

Proposals are due by midnight on September 19, 2014

Submit your proposal via the online formYou may download a copy of the full form here to help with your proposal developmentYou may wish to consult this guidance for writing learning objectives and this overview of introductory and advanced topics. Please be sure that your workshop description is accurate so that conference attendees understand exactly what they will be learning. If your proposal is chosen, this description will be edited for length and clarity and used in the conference program. If you have any questions about the proposals and review process please contact Victoria Raschke at (615) 226-2292 or vraschke@nhchc.org.