The New York Times remembers Dr. Philip Brickner

Phil BricknerJoin us as we continue to remember and celebrate the life of Dr. Philip Brickman, the father of the Health Care for the Homeless movement.

From his obituary in today’s New York Times:

Dr. Brickner’s biggest accomplishment, however, was helping to develop ways to treat people who do not have homes. In the 1980s, he directed a pilot program in 19 cities to address the medical needs of the homeless. It became the basis for the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act of 1987, an initiative that mandated the same sort of comprehensive services in shelters and food lines that Dr. Brickner had developed in New York. That law, since amended and joined with newer programs, finances programs in around 250 cities.

“There is no point in a doctor in a clinic telling someone to go home, elevate her leg and take antibiotics when she has no home and no money,” Dr. Brickner said.