Webinar Now Available: State Flexibility in Medicaid Expansion: Lessons and Insights from the Field

May 21, 2014

The ACA’s option to expand Medicaid is a tremendous opportunity to extend comprehensive health insurance to people experiencing homelessness. However, in states that reject the expansion there will be few new affordable insurance options for those living in poverty. Some states that have been hesitant to expand traditional Medicaid coverage have instead implemented alternatives that use Medicaid dollars to purchase private insurance. Other changes that increase beneficiary financial responsibility and alter benefit packages have also been included in these proposals. As more states consider these waivers, the HCH community should know how these policy changes will impact HCH projects and the people they serve. Experts from national organizations and HCH representatives from three states will describe Medicaid expansion waivers from Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, with a focus on how they are different from traditional Medicaid, how they impact the HCH community, and what lessons learned can be applied in other states.  This knowledge should help stakeholders find effective ways to expand Medicaid under these alternative approaches without creating barriers for those experiencing homelessness.


  • Dan Rabbitt, MSW, Health Policy Organizer, National HCH Council
  • Shannon M. McMahon, MPA, Director of Coverage and Access, Center for Health Care Strategies
  • Maia Crawford, MS, Program Officer, Center for Health Care Strategies
  • Patrick Goolsby, MBA, Outreach and Enrollment Assister, Jefferson Comprehensive Care System, Inc., Little Rock, AR
  • Andrea Pearce, BS, Health Benefits Coordinator, Primary Health Care, Inc., Des Moines, IA
  • Melissa Fox, Managing Director of Health Services, Public Health Management Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

A policy brief related to this webinar is also available.