Webinar: Consumer Involvement in Governance

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 | 3 p.m. Eastern

HRSA policy requires consumer representation in community health center governance. This webinar will explain the significance of consumer involvement and describe how HCH grantees can fulfill this particular requirement. A special focus on Consumer Advisory Boards will feature presentations from an HCH Executive and CAB leader. Among other specifics, we will explore how CABs function, CAB recruitment, and the influence CABs can have on HCH operations. We will highlight relevant material from the new Public Information Notice (PIN 2014-01) on the HRSA governance requirement and finally, we will describe the role of the National Consumer Advisory Board (NCAB) in supporting consumer involvement in HCH governance.   


  • To give HCH providers information on various mechanisms for consumer involvement in health center governance
  • To provide relevant information on the new HRSA Governance PIN
  • To provide HCH consumers and providers information on how to form and operate Consumer Advisory Boards
  • To connect HCH providers and consumers with the National Consumer Advisory Board and NHCHC resources for ongoing support around consumer involvement in governance


  • Brian Zralek, Consumer Advocate, National HCH Council
  • Vaughn Davis, CAB President, Fourth Street Clinic/Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc.
  • Kristy Chambers, CEO, Fourth Street Clinic/Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc.
  • CDR Kent Forde, MPH, HRSA/BPHC Project Officer (HCH NCA)