Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program Mourns and Celebrates Three Leaders

The National HCH Council and NCAB leaders join the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) community in its farewell to John Griffin, Louise Mercurio, and Jay Tankanow. These individuals, each in his or her own way, contributed to the BHCHP Consumer Advisory Board and to causes beyond themselves. Mysteriously, John, Louise, and Jay passed within two weeks of each other. Each left a legacy.

John Griffin was one of the founding members of BHCHP’s Consumer Advisory Board. He was involved with several BHCHP committees, including the Diabetes Collaborative and the Quality and Efficiency committee. John touched people through his presence at National HCH conferences, his contagious laugh, and his uplifting spirit.

Louise Mercurio joined the BHCHP CAB about ten years ago. She took tremendous pride in representing BHCHP through her role on the Board of Directors. Louise will be fondly remembered for her thoughtfulness and devotion to the program, the Board, and the CAB.

Jay Tankanow was a member of the BHCHP CAB for about seven years. He was passionate about BHCHP and was especially interested in addictions services. Jay also took tremendous interest in doing advocacy on a national level through NHCHC and was a member of NCAB. Barbara Donahue at BHCHP remembers Jay for his commitment and as “a true humanitarian.”