New In Focus on Aging and Housing Stability

The September issue of In Focus provides a synthesis of recent literature on homelessness among older (age 50-64) and elderly (age 65 and older) adults in the United States. Much of the recent literature and policy focus has been placed on the plight of unstably housed youth and families. However, strong demographic trends, economic insecurity, and lack of affordable senior living have contributed to increased housing instability among those over age 50. Differences in pathways into homelessness, health care utilization, and age-specific clinical issues necessitate further consideration of the graying homeless population and will be discussed in this publication. You can learn more about this important topic at the Council’s Southwest Health & Housing Training in Houston, TX from October 28-29, 2013. A special session will be dedicated to the aging and elderly homeless population. You can see the tentative agenda for details.